••When Art and Love Meet, Beauty is Born••

O U R  S T O R Y:

We are a couple, friends, lovers, designers, travelers and simple human beings.

When we first met(2013), our love for crafting was already inside of us, each one with his way. We first start to learn from each other, open a facebook page to share our creations, small markets here and there, special creations for friends and family etc... 
Then, when we start travelling and spending more time together, we decide to take this "love for crafting" a little bit more serious(but not so much (=...), and we start working with more precious stones, making each piece a unique & original design and lots of care with each creation, trying always to superate ourselves and our limits. 
And then... We realize that it passed from a part-time job to a full-time job, from creating, to sharing it on social media, finding markets and showrooms. Was very fast.

We still being two normal beings.. Barbara learning yoga and cooking delicious food and Ruben creating music in his free time and playing here and there. We still have time to travel and we always try to work in new places with people.

O U R   W O R K:

We really care about our product and our customers.
All our creations are exclusively made by us and from our imagination(please avoid copy's), from our experience and hours of experimentation. 
Each creation is unique, sometimes we repeat models but they're always slightly different(mostly because of stone sizes and creative moment).

First thing we care, is the quality of the materials we use, from high quality Linhasita Thread from Brazil, to high quality semiprecious gemstones from all over the world(choosed one by one). Also the brass we use is nickel free(the most common allergenic material found in metals). Then, all our creations are made with big care and attencion from beggining to shipment. 

We take care of our customers has an old friend or family member. We make our best to understand what is our customers desire, idea and feeling. When we make a custom order, we focus 100% on its idea, sharing photos of older models or something useful, handmade designs or anything that we can use to make our ideas come together. So, if you feel like, dont hesitate to contact us =)

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